Institutional Details

            The Marine and Coastal Resources Institute (MACORIN) is a new name for the Coastal Resources Institute (CORIN), Prince of Songkla University (PSU). MACORIN expanded the area of focus for development to marine resources into its framework under the policy of the university while maintaining the existing activities of CORIN.

             The Coastal Resources Institute (CORIN) was established in 1989 under MANRES: Management of Natural Resources and Environment Project (USAID) Project No.493-0345. CORIN was a research institution at Prince of Songkla University (PSU) located in Hat Yai District, Songkla Province, Thailand. The establishment of CORIN was aimed at forming a group of well-trained professionals as an entity of PSU. Its functions included addressing issues of research, management and education relevant to the wise use of coastal resources in Thailand. The program has been responsible for the design and implementation of Coastal Resources Management (CRM) projects and programs for governments, private organizations and donor agencies. CORIN has been working with relevant agencies to formulate workable CRM strategies for more than 15 years, and has developed an approach to problem-solving that includes an appreciation that both technical expertise and the knowledge of political and cultural processes are essential ingredients to success. It drew on extensive resources within the Prince of Songkla University in establishing and leading trans-disciplinary research activities aimed at addressing coastal resources management issues, advancing public education programs, and developing coastal area management frameworks for sustainable development.

             At present MACORIN has its own vision to be an excellent centre of educational knowledge-base, transferring academic and technology issues concerning marine and coastal resources management for sustainable ecosystems, research and development, training as well as outreach in the South of Thailand and SEA Region. MACORIN under the policy of the university, aims to strengthen capacity and promote sustainable management; including the development in area of marine and coastal resources management through education by offering MS. and Ph.D. international programs and outreach activities in marine and coastal resource management.