Marine and Coastal Resources Management (M.Sc.)

Curriculum Title:   Marine and Coastal Resources Management (M.Sc.)

Two plans are offered:

        - Plan 1A is a research-oriented program with no coursework required and based only on a thesis.

        - Plan 1B includes both coursework and a thesis.

M.Sc. Program plans

Coursework Plan 1A (Credits) Plan 2A (Credits)
Compulsory - 9
Elective credit - 3
Thesis 36 24
Total (Credits) 36 36

        Compulsory Courses Credits

        1. Integrated Marine and Coastal Resources Management 3

        2. Research Methodology and Geographic Information System for Marine and Coastal 3 Resource Management

        3. Seminar 1, 2, and 3 (1 credit for each seminar) 1 Compulsory Courses are for students in Plan 1B. Plan 1B and Plan 1 students have to take Seminar 1 to 3 without credit.